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Cluster Chaos Walk-through

Campaign: Bite Back

1. Delegate Escort | 2. House Call | 3. Ship to ship | 4. Road Closed | 5. Vicarious Protection
6. Graduation Day | 7. A Mess | 8. Sprint tripper | 9. De-toothing the Zipper | 10. Equilibrium

Delegate Escort

Goal: Lead a convoy through a mine field while under attack


  • At start, clear mines immediately ahead of convoy
  • Don't try to clear all mines. They are stationary so that is easier
  • Attackers will come from below.
  • As you battle watch for mines you convoy may be approaching
  • Clear mines on lower right because a nuke will come from there
  • A nuke will come from right side. Race over to destroy it

House Call

Goal: Destroy the freighters, disable the station


  • Mothership repairs (a nuke will come, it will be difficult to hit)


  • Destroy freighters around the station
  • Be sure to race back to protect your freighter as required
  • Disable the space station
  • When you near the waypoint 2 nukes will come, one from the right, and one from the bottom. Destroy the right nuke first then race down and attempt to destroy the other nuke.
    The first nuke, can heavily damage your mothership.
    The right-side nuke, will destroy the space station - which must not happen!

Ship to Ship

Goal: Destroy Sav Carrier


  • Lots of Bullets
  • Lots of Cannon shells
  • Mothership repairs


  • Destroy missiles as they come
  • Battle attackers such that they are inline with the Sav carrier - therefore stray bullets hit the Sav mothership
  • When your mothership starts shelling the Sav mothership, Sav will launch missiles
  • Fire at Sav mothership such that missiles can also be hit
  • After Sav mothership is destroyed, kill remaining attackers

Road Closed

Goal: Survive field of drifting mines


  • Bullets
  • Cannon shells

The only mission with randomly drifting mines.


  • Stay near back mothership to protect your freighter
  • Try to hit mines before mothership wastes cannon ammo on them
  • You will only get paid with a freighter bonus in this mission - so make sure the freighter survives

Vicarious Protection

Goal: Protect station and at least 2 ion catchers


  • This is a straight forward defensive mission
  • Protect everything

Graduation Day

Goal: Capture freighters


  • Bullets
  • Cannon shells
  • Double barrel upgrade


  • Fly up and disable 2 freighters at top
  • Mines will soon be released towards mothership, Go help.
  • After mines are gone begin destroying rows of attackers
  • Attackers launch when hit, so line up your shots carefully and hit each with 2 rounds of your double barrel gun

A Mess

Goal: Destroy all enemy freighters


  • Max Bullets upgrade
  • Lot of bullets
  • Cannon shells
  • Double barrel upgrade


  • Initally you'll be instructed to just disable the freighters.
  • Your orders will change and you'll be then told to destroy the freighters

Sprint tripper

Goal: Disable fleeing freighters


  • DO NOT immediately disable all the freighters. Just weaken them at the beginning.
  • Let the freighters move up a ways before disabling them (you'll see why)
  • Defend your freighter carefully - Careful not to destroy the 2 freighters that the mothership disables
  • A nuke will come from the planet. It is quick. Get it.
  • After the nuke a Sav mine dropper will appear below the line of freighters
  • Destroy the mines - especially guard the 2 middle freighters
  • They mine dropper is why you did not disable the freighters immediately - get some space between them and the mines, then disable them.

De-toothing the Zipper

Goal: Destroy fighters, disable station


  • Max out bullets
  • Need many cannon shells


  • Destroy attackers along the top of the platform
  • If you are low on cannon shells, also clear the lower platform
  • Disable the station ASAP
  • Protect your freighter


Goal: Destroy station, disable freighteres


  • Destroy mines in path of mothership
  • Disable the 3 lined-up freighters before they can warp
  • Disable the remaining freighters thereafter
  • Destroy the station