Primary Systems of the Cluster


Oneday they arrived. The same phrase is used through out the systems of the Cluster. The Sav came offering energy in exchange for power. The energy came from harvesting a nebula that was unreachable to any other planets. But the Sav could warp space to travel quickly. This was a secret technology they never shared. Coming to dominant the Cluster through commerce and coersion but also through providing seemingly unlimited energy for all the planets of the sector. They were a gracious benefactor to many, but a malevolent curse to many others. Eventually their warp technology was stolen and all the planets learned to travel between themselves and to mine the nebula themselves. Determined to keep their control, the Sav turned to their military.


Grayngdie is the strongest planet under the Sav Influence. Since acquiring warp they have covertly exploited their strength to undermine Sav dominance where ever they can. Working through intermediaries they stoke rebellion and piracy against the Sav and the Sav's most loyal systems. It is a delicate balance to appear to serve while acting to sever, and Grayngdie walks that line more dangerously and over greater heights than ever before.


TeaAte is a weak planet trying to stay independent and safe in a Cluster of turbulence. TeaAte has learned to depend on the Sav for external and internal security. In exchange, TeaAte give the Sav free access to its space and key warp points near the Nebula. This close relationship is not appreciated by all those of TeaAte. In the years since the Sav arrival a rebellion has sparked in the TeaAte system. The Sav do their best to keep the rebels at bay on behalf of the TeaAte government.


Zoyano is a mess. It is a planet too immature to to have the technologies they possess. It is a planet of feuding nation states that have taken its petty political conflicts into the wider Cluster. Lacking anything of value to other Cluster systems, Zoyano is a pest at best. Their nuisance is greatest in their piracy. Taking to the space near the nebula they destroy freighters containing the valuable ions all planets of the cluster seek.