Cluster Map

A rather weak system on the outskirts of the Cluster that readily serves all that the Sav requires of them. It is near here that the Band Twelve ships were found adrift by the Noy.
Pulsar and Nebula
It was discovered by the Sav that the pulsar behind the Cluster charged ions in the Nebula. Being the only beings capable to reaching the nebula, the Sav were able to exclusively trade the ions as an energy source through-out their region of the Cluster.
Sav Blockade
Ever since the Sav began visiting other systems of the Cluster, no one but the Sav have been permitted to cross a section of the outter Cluster known as the Sav Blockade. It is unknown to every other system what the Sav is hiding in that region.
A planetary system directly in front of the pulsar, but shielded by the nebula. More information is available.
TeaAte is a weak servile system embroiled in a rebellion and the need to serve the Sav. Located close to the nebula but out of the pulsar's direct line of fire, it is in a strategic location for everyone interested in mining the nebula. More information is available.
The strongest planet within the Sav Influence that is not Sav itself. It is located far from the nebula, approximately halfway to the Sav home region. Its strength gives it the ability to covertly influence all aspects of Cluster life. More information is available.
Sav homeworld
Never seen by outsiders, it is suspected that the Sav homeworld resides in this area.
Sav Influence
The Sav Influence encompasses the majority of the Cluster with a large swath missing from one quadrant. It is clear that the Sav focused their empire on the nebula and protecting its secret behind the blockade.